About the Aims of this Site

As mentioned in the Home Page, this site intends to present a series of simulations and thoughts that will look at some interesting subjects of physics from new angles. Right now there are a lot of very smart and very highly trained people who explore a number of avenues and branches of research. Here we will follow roads less traveled by, to see what we can find in some unexplored and uninhabited areas of physics. And we will do this by means of thought experiments in the form of simulations. So in a nutshell, as stated in the blog’s subtitle, here you will find “Unconventional explorations into uninhabited areas of physics by means of thought experiments in the form of simulations.”

The first simulation concerns Special Relativity and the second the Double Slit Experiment (see next posts and the Simulations section on the left). Then I hope to build a simulation about the photoelectric effect and quanta, and about electromagnetic waves and gravity. The views expressed through these simulations are NOT the ones of mainstream physics –this is not an educational site. The simulations express my take on these subjects, which differ in many ways from the conventional view of things.

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  1. Thanks. As you learn more physics you will be able to make sense of these posts. However, I hope you saw the “disclaimer”. This is not an educational site. Don’t repeat what you see here at school. It may prove hazardous to your grades 😉 .

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