I have not done much on the physics aspect of the site lately, and the main reason is that during this time I was building a translation site, TranslatorPro.gr.

In the new site I have included also a selection of the books I have translated as a record of my professional activity over the years. I have been translating books from English to Greek since 1980.

On the technical side, I made a change in the site so that the blog is shown as an independent page instead of been loaded in an iframe of the Wiki. The iframe setup complicated things on a number of fronts, such as the form of the pages’ address and their appearance in search engines. So I opted for the independent page, which however needed considerable modifications in the WordPress blog template so that it would resemble the layout of the Wiki and give a sense of uniformity with the rest of the site. It took me a whole day to achieve the look I wanted, and I intend to do the same with the Forum part of the site, which still appears in an iframe.

Update April 29, 2007

Well, today I decided to tackle the Forum setup in order to have it load in an independent page too instead of an iframe of the Wiki, and I was able to do it within a few hours, since in many points I could just copy-paste things from the template and the css of the Blog. So the forum is ready too. Not that it has many visitors of course, along with the rest of the site 🙂 , but well, what can you do.

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  1. In your GR efforts, when you get to the point of knowing your equations of motion, please send me a copy (carl when brannenworks.com) where “when” gets replaced by the at sign.

    I wrote the above linked gravitation simulator to compare different theories of gravity around a point mass. So far I’ve got Newton, and two coordinate charts of Einstein, the usual Schwarzschild, and the Painleve coordinates I prefer.

    What’s different about the above is that the simulation is written as equations of motion rather than geodesics on an affine parameter. This is much cleaner in certain ways. It is also more elementary because it avoids the need for tensors.

    I get the impression that your version of GR will also avoid tensors, so maybe it will be easier to simulate than most people. When we get the thing simulating, I’ll send you the source code and you can modify it as your ideas change, and host it on your site. It’s very visual, and since it has simulations for most of the checks of general relativity, it’s a natural for you.


  2. Hi Carl,

    I’ll be happy to send you my equations of motion when I have derived them 🙂 !

    But yes, I do not like tensors, and my effort will be towards a “classical” extrinsic description of general relativity. The main obstacle I am facing right now is that I don’t have the necessary time to study the material I need (mainly tensors, alas), in order to make my theory understandable to mainstream physicists.

    I am thinking of enlisting the help of Physics Forums people, yourself included 🙂 . We’ll see how it goes.

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