Guest Post at Tommaso Dorigo’s Blog: Extrinsic Relativity

Tommaso Dorigo is a research scientist at the National Institute of Nuclear Research of Italy, who works at the University of Padova and maintains a prominent blog in English. He is open minded enough to advocate that

doing science does not necessarily require a PhD and a desk in a University office, and that ideas and theories are not crackproof or crackpotty, but just right or wrong .

(In this connection, he had also published in his blog a great story titled Cracked Pots which is well worth reading.)

So Tommaso started a series of guest posts at his blog, some from mainstream scientists, some from “alternative theorists” with high academic credentials, and some from “alternative theorists” with no academic credentials, aka “crackpots” (I belong to the third group). He graciously accepted my submission, entitled Extrinsic Relativity, which he posted on November 16, and you can see it in the link above. I have also copied it to a page of the Wiki: Guest Post at Tommaso Dorigo’s Blog: Extrinsic Relativity.

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