Site Upgrade

This site went live in its present form (with Wiki, Forum and Blog) in January 2007 with Mediawiki 1.8.2, SMF 1.1.1, and Blogger, while in February 2007 I switched from Blogger to WordPress 2.1. I had made extensive (and in several cases uncommented) modifications to all programs, so all this time I had avoided upgrading the software because I expected I would have a hard time transfering my modifications to the upgrades (it would involve a three-way comparison among the old versions, the modified versions and the new versions). Now however I decided to tackle it and thanks to the help of WinMerge, a program that compares directories and files, I was able to do it without much trouble. It took some time (something like two days altogether), but I did not face any insurmountable problems, and now the site runs on the latest version of all software, MediaWiki 1.11.0, SMF 1.1.4 and WordPress 2.3.1. So now I will not be so worried about upgrading any more, and I will be able to do it when new versions become available 🙂 .
Update January 11, 2008

Today I upgraded WordPress to 2.3.2, which was an urgent security release over 2.3.1. It proved rather easy now that I have figured out the right way of going about it.

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