Site Overhaul

A belated post is in order, some eight years since the last one.

The site has not attracted anyone interested to contribute to the theory presented here, and so I had largely left it “to its own devices”. Also I stopped working on the theory because I had reached an impasse due to lack of mathematical skills and of the time necessary to develop them. Despite this, I kept the site up, just “for the record.”

However, recently I had to move the site to a different server, so I took this opportunity to setup the latest versions of the software (MediaWiki 1.25.2, and WordPress 4.3.1). I did not install a forum, as it was not necessary. These versions of the software allow for customizations that are not lost on updates, so I will be able to keep them current. Also I changed math support from ASCIIMath to MathJax, which is a really impressive piece of software. (This is suggested by the developer himself, as now ASCIIMath is included in MathJax as a subcase.)

Additionally, I disabled registration both at the wiki and the blog, as well as comments on the latter, because it was a hassle to deal with spammers. In the unlikely event that someone is interested in the theory, they can contact me here.

One of the main reasons for this change (besides the move to the new server) was the fact that the java applets that constituted a vital part of the presentation of the theory were essentially rendered useless due to the security restrictions imposed on java (the user had to change some important permissions in his browser for them to be allowed to run).

Fortunately however, the developer of the software for building the java applets (ejs) has made a new version that builds applets in JavaScript. So I converted the java applets to the new form (which involved a lot of work as there is no automated conversion process and a large part of it had to be done manually) and now they are easily accessible.

As for the theory, lately I had some interesting ideas, so I am trying to find ways to implement them.

We will see where they may lead.