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== Simulation ==
== Simulation ==
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<iframe width="100%" height="520px" align="left" scrolling="no" style="clear:both" src="/vpwiki/Simulations/SpacetimeCurvature/SpacetimeCurvature.html" frameborder="0" ></iframe>
<iframe width="100%" height="520px" align="left" scrolling="no" style="clear:both" src="../vpwiki/Simulations/SpacetimeCurvature/SpacetimeCurvature.html" frameborder="0" ></iframe>
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An examination of the forms that spacetime curvature can take will prove useful for the description of the way that acceleration is produced by gravitational spacetime curvature, and later, in our effort to use a similar mechanism to describe the way that acceleration is produced by the electrostatic field.



This is just a sketchy exploration of spacetime curvature, aiming only to show its different possible forms and to give an idea of the relationship between them. No effort has been made to determine the equations that describe it. This will be done in Spacetime Curvature and Gravitation and in Electrostatic Acceleration as the Result of Spacetime Curvature.

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