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Gravitation: Extrinsic Relativity

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Our main aim here is an extrinsic formulation of General Relativity. The intrinsic formulation of the theory on the basis of Tensor Calculus has been exhaustively developed, so here we will look at its extrinsic formulation. We want to see if it will agree with what we will have come up with in the Proper Time Adjusted Special Relativity with gravitation. This will allow us to describe much more clearly the way that spacetime curvature produces the acceleration of gravity.

Forms of Spacetime Curvature

 sim   A sketchy presentation of the possible forms that spacetime curvature can take: spaceline curvature and timeline curvature, and the relationship between them.

Spacetime Curvature and Gravitation

 stb   sim   An examination of the production of the acceleration of gravity by spacetime curvature, using the extrinsic description of curvature.

Extrinsic Formulation of General Relativity

 stb   Formulation of the Theory of General Relativity on the basis of an extrinsic description of spacetime curvature.

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