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This site was launched on August 30, 2005, in order to present the theory I have named "Proper Time Adjusted Special Relativity". In its original form (let's call it "Visual Physics 1.0"), it started off in a simple way, a few pages and a Java simulation that presented the theory. However, there are many more ideas I wanted to explore in physics, methods and areas of investigation that are rather outside the mainstream.

Essentially, I want to examine the whole field of what could be termed "Metaclassical Physics", i.e. everything after the Michelson-Morley experiment on the one hand, and the Black Body Radiation and the Photoelectric Effect on the other, the experiments that led to the development of Relativity and Quantum Physics respectively, and I am mainly interested in the first stages of the development of these theories, in their foundations, before the establishment of the main avenues of research that led to the Standard Model and beyond.

In a sense, I want to start from the beginning, and see what can be discovered by taking different turns at critical junctions of the evolution of theory development. Since the project is quite large, I set up this physics theory development portal that includes a Wiki, a Forum, and a Blog, so that people can collaborate in developing the theory on the basis of an open contribution model.

Visual Physics 2.0 is made up of a number of integrated components:

  • The site is powered by _BLANK Joomla 1.011, an excellent content management system. It uses the Monobook 451 template, with slight modifications.
  • The Wiki is _BLANK MamboWiki, a great integration of _BLANK MediaWiki with Joomla, using the MamboWiki template.
  • The forum is the Simple Machines Forum, _BLANK SMF 1.1, integrated with Joomla through Bridge 1.1.6, and using the Globe template.
  • Blog: _BLANK Blogger, hosted here, and "wrapped" in the site through the Joomla wrapper module.
  • Java Simulations: Created with _BLANK Easy Java Simulations(Ejs for short), an excellent tool created by Dr. Francisco Esquembre.
  • Math: _BLANK MathML support through _BLANK ASCIIMathML, , a javascript based system that translates "ASCII" notation placed in \` delimiters to MathML. So registered users can use this notation in any page of the site for rendering mathematical formulas. For instance, by typing \`x^2+y^2\`, you will get `x^2+y^2`. For more detailed instructions see the Wiki Help Page (available to registered users). Firefox has native support of MathML, although you may need to download some special fonts from here. IE needs a special plugin, MathPlayer, that you will find here. Rendering is much better in Firefox.