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About h

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  • In a flat Galilean spacetime, the space dimension is a straight line perpendicular to the time axis. In this spacetime, c can be considered infinite and h can be considered 0. In a spacetime with a Lorentz transformation (curved expanding universe --see Proper Time Adjusted Special Relativity), the space dimension is an ellipse. In this spacetime c is not infinite and h is not 0. Both of these facts may be due to the curved form of the space dimension. h may be a measure of the extend to which an infinitesimal movement along the space dimension brings us to an earlier moment of proper time (see below).
  • Also h appears to function as a minimal energy increment for EM waves, and this may mean that it has something to do with the infinitesimal "step" that is needed so that a line is transformed into a curve. I will try to describe things verbally, but there will be a simulation presenting this. Let's say that we have a Stationary Body situated at x = 0 and T = t. The very next "points" of the spaceline on its right and left will be "lower" by an infinitesimal amount along the time dimension (their proper time will be at an infinitesimally previous time moment). This is what gives the space dimension its circular shape, and what creates this infinitesimal "step" that makes the space dimension to be made up of discrete "pieces" or length intervals situated at a more and more early time moments. So this quantization gives both the discreteness of the space dimension and its circular shape (which may result in h having dimensions of angular momentum).

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