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  1. About h
  2. EM Waves as the Propagation of Fluctuations of "Electrostatic" Spacetime Curvature
  3. Electrostatic Acceleration as the Result of Spacetime Curvature
  4. Electrostatic Field and EM Waves
  5. Energy Quantization of Spacetime Curvature Fluctuations
  6. Equation of Motion of a Particle in a Gravitation Field
  7. Extrinsic Formulation of General Relativity
  8. Forms of Spacetime Curvature
  9. Gravitation: Extrinsic Relativity
  10. Guest Post at Tommaso Dorigo's Blog: Extrinsic Relativity
  11. History of the Visual Physics Project
  12. Implications for Theories Based on the Minkowski Spacetime
  13. Inverse Derivation of the Lorentz Transformation
  14. Linear and Angular Quantities in the Curved Expanding Universe
  15. Main Page
  16. Metatheoretical Considerations
  17. Non Availability of Other Time Moments to Experience
  18. Open Questions
  19. Proper Time Adjusted Special Relativity
  20. Proper Time Adjusted Special Relativity with Gravitation
  21. Quanta
  22. Quanta, Wave-Particle Duality and the Uncertainty Principle
  23. Single Slit Experiment with Classical Bodies
  24. Sociological Considerations
  25. Spacelines and Timelines
  26. Spacetime Curvature and Gravitation
  27. Speed of Light and the "Rate of Propagation of Time"
  28. The Paradox of Waves and Particles
  29. The Photoelectric Effect
  30. The Proper Time of Photons and the Nature of Light
  31. The Uncertainty Principle
  32. Theoretical Considerations
  33. Theories as Models Isomorphic to Reality
  34. Theories as Vector Spaces of Valid Statements
  35. Theory Development as a Decision Tree
  36. Visual Physics Wiki:About
  37. Wave-Particle Duality

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